The Tualatin Dog Park is located on the north side of the railroad trestle at Tualatin Community Park at 8515 SW Tualatin Road. 
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Animal Waste
Any solid waste left by an animal on another’s property must immediately be removed (TMC 6-4.045). Animal waste on private property must remain at a minimum and not become a nuisance or health hazard (TMC 6-4.050(6)). Properly dispose of animals waste in a trash receptacle and do not pile it or wash it into nearby storm drains.

Leash Law
All animals must be restrained at all times when off of private property. Leashes are required for all city parks and schools. Animals must be kept on private property and kept from running loose or entering into neighboring yards. This includes dogs, cats, rabbits and other household pets (WCC 6.04.050).

It is a civil infraction for any person to be the keeper of a dog which the person fails to prevent from being a public nuisance by: 
WCC 6.04.080
A. Molesting passersby;
B. Biting a person or animal;
C. Chasing or attacking persons;
D. Attacking other animals;
E. Traveling upon school grounds, public parks, public game refuges and public watershed areas, except under the supervision and control of a person and with the property owner or manager’s written permission;
F. Damaging or destroying property of persons other than the owner or keeper of the dog;
G. Scattering garbage;
H. Chasing vehicles;
I. Disturbing the peace, comfort, health or repose of any person of reasonable sensitivity by making loud, long, unnecessary and continuous noises;
J. Being a female dog in season (estrus) and being accessible to a male dog not in the person’s ownership except when access to the female dog is intended by the keepers or owners of both dogs for breeding purposes. 

Dog Licensing
All dogs must be licensed with their county at 6 months of age, or when they have permanent canine teeth, or within 30 days of acquisition or within 30 days of moving. A license is required even if the dog is always on the owner's property, always indoors or lives on a farm. Contact your county animal services.

It is a violation for a dog (or other animal) to disturb the peace, comfort, or health of any person of reasonable sensitivity by making loud, long, unnecessary and continuous noises. Continuous or loud noise for more than 15 minutes is considered excessive. 

Washington County Code WCC 6.04.080(I).
Failure to prevent acts of nuisance prohibited.

  • It is a civil infraction for any person to be the keeper of a dog, which the person fails to prevent from being a public nuisance by: I. Disturbing the peace, comfort, health or repose of any person of reasonable sensitivity by making loud, long, unnecessary and continuous noises.

Tualatin Municipal Code TMC 6-14-040(2).

  • It is unlawful to keep, or permit the keeping of, any animal that barks, cries, whimpers, crows, clucks, or makes any other sound on a frequent or continuous basis for fifteen minutes or longer and that is plainly audible within a noise sensitive property, other than the place where the sound originates. 

Lost and Found Animals
If you have lost or found a pet please call the non-emergency number 503.629.0111 to notify police. Any vet should be able to check for a chip in a found pet. Contact your county animal services and local area shelters. Check for lost pets or post found pets at  Hand deliver flyers to neighboring residents or post on the community mailbox. Do not post signs on traffic signs, light poles, utility poles or at intersections.

Stray Cats
Stray or feral cats can be taken to your local shelter. There may be a fee for each one brought in. If you live in a multiple family housing area the cat may need to be brought in by the property manager or HOA. Live traps can be purchased at your local hardware store.

A license is required to keep chickens and they are only permitted within the Low Density Residential (RL) Planning District, i.e. single-family zoning. For more information and licensing requirements visit the Planning Department's Chicken page.

Coyotes in Tualatin


How do I make an animal noise complaint?
If it’s a rare noise occurrence that is happening after 10pm you can call the Police Non-Emergency number at 503.629.0111. To make a complaint about ongoing barking, licensing, neglect or other animal concerns contact Washington County Animal Services.

Can I make an animal complaint anonymously? 
A complainant is needed unless the violation is observed by the responding agency. The complainant is the witness to the activity and may be needed for court proceedings, questions, follow up or reports. Washington County Animal Services has more information on their webpage about the complaint process.

Who picks up a found or loose dog?
If the animal is within city limits contact Washington County Animal Services.

What if it’s my roommates dog that’s barking?
Along with the animal owner, if you are home with the animal at the time, have let the dog out off leash or allow its barking you can be issued the citation since it’s in your control at the time.

Will I get in trouble for putting my neighbor’s dog waste back on their property?
Purposely putting animal waste on a neighboring property can result in Criminal Mischief 3 charges. Talk with the neighbor, change the landscaping, fence off the area or utilize the Dispute Resolution Center.

How do I keep animals off my property?
There are creative landscaping changes that can deter animals from entering your yard.  Sometimes a small hedge, retaining wall, fence or barbed plants can be used as a deterrent. This also gives animal owners the subliminal reminder that the area is private property and not to allow their animal on it.

What are the fines for violations?
Fines can be up to $500 per occurrence.

Did You Know…
The Beaverton Dispute Resolution Center offers mediation services for Tigard, Tualatin, and Sherwood.