Alarm Permits

Under Tualatin Municipal Code 6-6 any location with an alarm system that is audible or summons police must obtain an Alarm Permit through the Tualatin Police Department. The ordinance was enacted because over 90% of alarms are false. It is important to reduce the number of false alarms so that police will have more time to perform other necessary services and maintain an effective police response. Each alarm user will be notified, whenever possible, after each false alarm either by mail, email or posted notice. In most cases, the officer answering the alarm call will leave a posted notice at the premises.

False Alarm Fees: Alarm users who have more than two false alarms during the permit period (calendar year) are subject to a surcharge.

  • The 1st or 2nd False Alarm.……No Fee
  • The 3rd False Alarm.…………..$85
  • The 4th False Alarm.…………..$113
  • The 5th False Alarm.…………..$169
  • The 6th or more False Alarms..$225 per alarm
  • 10 or more False Alarms……..$500 Civil Infraction Citation into Tualatin Municipal Court

Permit Fee: $23. The permit fee is waived for residential alarm users that are handicapped or over 65. A permit is still required. Permits are non-transferable and must be renewed within 10 days of the expiration date. The permit must be conspicuously displayed on the main entry door or in the front window of the building.

Application Submission: To submit in person, bring the application and payment to the Tualatin Police Department.  To submit by mail, please send the application along with a check or money order payable to "City of Tualatin" to: 

Tualatin Police Department
Attn: Alarm Permit Coordinator
8650 SW Tualatin Road
Tualatin OR 97062

An alarm permit will be mailed or emailed to the applicant after the application is processed.

Permits will be mailed directly to the permitted location unless otherwise specified.

For additional questions or information contact 503.691.4821 or email Merab Smith.