Public Records Request

Oregon Public Records Law grants every person the right to inspect any public records of a public body in this state (unless the record is exempt from disclosure). The City will review the request and provide a response as soon as practicable.

Inspection of public records shall be conducted and all copies of public records shall be produced during the regular business hours of the City of Tualatin.

For further information, please review the City of Tualatin's Public Access to Records Policy Resolution No. 5144-13

Please call the Administration Office at 503.691.3011 to request a Public Records Request Form or complete the online web form. Please use the POLICE Records Request Form below when making a POLICE REPORT Records Request:

There may be a fee associated with your request, please see the current City of Tualatin Fee Schedule.

Tualatin City Records: Contact the Deputy City Recorder's Office at (503) 691-3011.

Tualatin Police Records: Contact the Tualatin Police Records staff at (503) 691-4800.