Police Services Unit

Police Records

The Police Services Unit of the Tualatin Police Department is staffed Monday - Friday from 8 am to 5 pm (except Holidays). The staff provides records management, information and assistance to the public and government agencies, property/evidence control and parking enforcement services for the downtown core area.

The staff includes three full-time police services technicians, one full-time property/evidence technician, one half-time parking enforcement technician and one supervisor.

The records management  includes the maintenance of over 60,000 case reports. The management of these records includes distribution, data entry, records requests, court disposition, expungement of records as well as many other procedural requirements. Alarm permits and vehicle releases are also issued.

The property/evidence responsibilities require strict security, control and adherence to applicable state and federal laws and regulations. Every item maintained in property/evidence must be constantly monitored for security, location and disposition.