Trash and Recycling

The City of Tualatin, Oregon Official Website

The City of Tualatin solid waste and recycling functions are provided by Republic Services (previously Allied). The franchise term with Republic Waste Services is a continuing five-year agreement, subject to specific termination conditions. Republic offers a variety of services from operations to collection, transfer, disposal and recycling services. Republic's website will allow you to contact them or set up your existing account with online bill pay.

It is the public policy of he City of Tualatin to regulate solid waste management by insuring safe, economical and comprehensive solid waste service, insuring service rates and charges that are just, reasonable and adequate to provide necessary public service, prohibit rate preferences and other discriminatory practices while providing technologically and economically feasible resource recovery by and through the franchise.

Did you know that business located in Washington County can obtain free services through the Recycle At Work Program. A team of experienced waste prevention and recycling specialists can help your business implement or expand your green business practices.

Specialists will:

•Evaluate your waste stream to identify what can and cannot be recycled.
•Help set up or expand your existing recycling and waste reduction programs.
•Provide recommendations on how to reduce waste and increase reuse and recycling.
•Research recycling options for specific materials.
•Supply free desk-side collection boxes and larger containers for recyclable materials.
•Train and educate office and janitorial staff.
•Supply free posters, signage and educational materials.
•Research purchasing recycled-content products.
•Help organize an employee "Green" Team.

To schedule an appointment, log onto or contact them at 503-846-8609. Remember...every business can make a difference!

10 Realistic Things YOU can do to reduce waste

When you use less stuff, you use fewer natural resources and make less garbage. Discover the most powerful tools in waste reduction! These tips lead you from the shopping cart to the garbage can, providing snippets of ideas to divert or avoid waste along the way. Try one to two of these ideas in your household and see if you can make a difference in reducing waste. These top 10 hints are furnished by the Washington County Cooperative Recycling Program:

1.Planning Ahead
2.Smart Shopping
3.Product Life
4.Reused Shopping
5.Rent It
10.Use a Smaller Garbage Can
11.STOP Unwanted Mail