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Staff Directory Listing

First Name Last Namesort icon Department or Division Position Phone Number
Patrol Patrol Officer
Police Services Unit Parking Enforcement Technician
Kent Barker Administration Chief of Police 503-691-4800
Nicholas Barkley Patrol Patrol Officer 503-783-0126
Scott Boyll Patrol Patrol Officer 503-783-0142
Larry Braaksma Administration Support Services Captain 503-691-4851
Kay Brown Police Services Unit Police Services Supervisor 503-691-4812
Agatha Burke Police Services Unit Police Records Technician 503-691-4823
Seth Ceciliani Patrol TriMet Patrol Officer 503-783-0139
Jill Chapman Detective Unit Detective 503-691-4842
Kelly Chizum Police Services Unit Police Records Technician 503-691-4810
Larry Clow Patrol Patrol Sergeant - District 3 503-691-4853
Nate Cooper Patrol Patrol Sergeant - Durham 503-691-4830
Shawn Fischer Patrol Patrol Officer 503-783-0118
Eric French Detective Unit Detective 503-691-4843
Mark Gardner Administration Patrol Services Captain 503-691-4841
Wes Girardi School Resource Unit School Resource Officer 503-691-4833
Eric Hermann Patrol Patrol Officer 503-783-0125
Chet Lemon Patrol Patrol Officer 503-783-0119
Jennifer Massey Administration Program Coordinator/P.I.O. 503-691-4846
Matthew Messina Patrol Patrol Officer 503-783-0128
Kevin Miller School Resource Unit School Resource Officer 503-691-4831
Brian Miller School Resource Unit School Resource Officer 503-691-4832
Cameron Montrose Traffic Unit Traffic Officer 503-691-4888
Mark Neumeister Patrol Patrol Officer 503-783-0138
Jim Noragon Detective Unit Detective Sergeant 503-691-4840
Molly Pfaff Patrol Patrol Officer 503-783-0137
Greg Pickering Administration Administrative Support Lieutenant 503-691-4858
Sam Radakovich Patrol Patrol Officer 503-783-0127
Matthew Randolph Patrol Patrol Officer 503-783-0132
Jeremy Rankin Patrol Patrol Sergeant - District 3 503-691-4870
Crystal Reynolds Community Services Unit Community Services Officer 503-691-4822
Jay Riley Patrol Patrol Officer 503-783-0144
Jack Rose Patrol Patrol Officer 503-783-0123
Eric Sarmento Patrol Patrol Officer 503-783-0116
Tami Schulz Police Services Unit Property/Evidence Technician 503-691-4811
Aaron Scifres Patrol Police Officer 503-783-0131
Brian Struckmeier Patrol Patrol Sergeant - District 1 503-691-4859
Brian Stubbs Patrol Patrol Officer 503-783-0156
Denise Taplin Police Services Unit Police Records Technician 503-691-4817
Norm Tollefsen Patrol Patrol Officer 503-783-0122
Chris Turner Patrol Patrol Officer 503-783-0143
John Vande Brake Traffic Unit Traffic Officer 503-783-0120
Mike Vorberg Patrol Patrol Officer 503-783-0117
Mark Waddell Patrol Patrol Sergeant - District 2 503-691-4835
Merab Walker Administration Office Coordinator 503-691-4821
James Wall Patrol Patrol Officer 503-783-0136
Kevin Winfield Detective Unit Detective 503-691-4845