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An interactive zoning map is available that shows Tualatin zoning districts.  Smartphone user?  View the map as a mobile app via this direct hyperlink.
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There's updated information following the June 24 City Council meeting.

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Because concept planning is a joint effort between Tualatin and Wilsonville, the Cities maintain a separate website for the project at
Tualatin Development Code (TDC) 34.200 regulates tree removal. TDC 31.060 recognizes a tree as a tree if the tree is at least eight (8) inches diameter at breast height (DBH).
chicken silhouette
As of January 8, 2014: Chickens are permitted only within the Low Density Residential (RL) Planning District, i.e. single-family zoning. A license is required to keep chickens, and it must be renewed every five (5) years. The City requires provision of notice of an approved license to
Neighborhood/developer meeting sign template
The purpose of neighborhood/developer meetings is to provide a means for a potential applicant and surrounding property owners to meet and discuss a proposal, identify any problems it might have, and as much as possible resolve problems prior to application submittal.
Example site plan drawing
Site development or redevelopment or changes to a building exterior or site plan elements such as landscaping and parking require site plan review, known in Tualatin as Architectural Review (AR).
Tualatin Development Code (TDC) 38 regulates signs. Definitions of key terms are within TDC 31.060.