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Lost and Found

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The Tualatin Police Department has many items in its possession and has exhausted all leads as to the ownership. If you are able to identify any of the following property, please call the Tualatin Police Department with a description of the item you wish to claim. They may be picked up at the Tualatin Police Department during the normal business hours.

Photo identification is required.


Item Date Found and Posted Case #
Bicycle/Suitcase/Laptop 2/10/14 14-0430
Purse and contents 2/16/14 14-0489
Purse 2/27/14 14-0610
Computer Module 2/28/14 14-0618
Backpack w/contents 3/16/14 14-0822
Small bag w/cell phone & keys 3/24/14 14-0914
Small pouch w/misc. cards 3/15/14 14-0850
Wallet 3/29/14 14-0968
Purse 4/3/14 14-1016
Stereo w/speaker, jacket, & game controller 4/12/14 14-1134
Roadside Assistance Case 4/13/14 14-1147
Bag of Clothing 4/15/14 14-1166

If you have lost your keys, bicycle, or cell phone, please call the Tualatin Police Department, 503-691-4800.  We receive these items regularly and will no longer be listing them individually.