Donate to the Library

Friends of Tualatin Library Booksale

The Tualatin Public Library welcomes gifts, memorials, and donations, with the understanding that no restrictions are placed on their use. 

Books and other materials may be added to the Library or given to the Friends of Tualatin Public Library.  Funds raised by the Friends' booksales are given to the library for programs, equipment and other library needs. The Friends of Tualatin Public Library have donated over $60,000 to the library since 2006. 

Staff will issue a book donation slip upon request. The donor is responsible for determining the value of the donation.

Books and Other Materials:

  • Materials must be clean, odorless, and in good physical condition.
  • Fiction and nonfiction items must be published within the past ten years.
  • Non-print materials must be in formats currently being used and circulated in the library collection, must be no more than five years old, and have complete documentation.
  • Condensed books, old encyclopedias and most textbooks will not be accepted.

Monetary Donations:

Donor may recommend a specific subject area or title for consideration. Gifts of stock or property may be given to the library directly or to the Tualatin Library Foundation

Thank you for your donation!