Patrol Services

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The men and women within the Tualatin Police Patrol Division are highly trained and adept in responding to emergencies and calls for service. They are committed to preserving the peace and protecting the public.

The Patrol Division currently has 1 Captain, 4 Sergeants, and 22 Officers serving Tualatin's residents. Officers are assigned to the same patrol areas for extended periods of time, often working one district for a year or longer. The district assignment philosophy allows officers to assume an integral role in solving problems and addressing livability issues within the city.

Officers assigned to this important function are divided into time shifts and patrol districts. Each shift has a supervisor or officer-in-charge to coordinate and take responsibility for all police calls.

Aside from responding to dispatched calls for service, officers are accountable for problem solving efforts. These initiatives make a significant impact upon the community. The department proactively initiates saturation patrols and special enforcement details. Such details include safety belt enforcement, theft from vehicle surveillance, driving while under the influence (DUII) enforcement, and curfew roundups.

The Patrol Division focuses on the criminal cycle involving theft, fraud, and narcotics related issues. It utilizes educational strategies to raise the awareness of citizens and businesses. This, coupled with selective and proactive enforcement actions, provides a strong impact and reduces crime.

The Division is divided into four twelve-hour teams, providing full coverage at all times of the day. Each team works either 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM or 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM. The Red and Blue teams work a rotating two-week shift, with each team getting every other weekend off. During summer months, the police department hires Police Park Rangers who patrol all city parks and the Tualatin Commons area.