Business and Rental Housing Licenses


Any business or person conducting business in the City of Tualatin is required to obtain a business license unless specifically exempt by State or Federal statute.

Drop off or mail completed business license application to the City Offices/Library building at 18880 SW Martinazzi Avenue, Tualatin, OR 97062. 

The licensing fee is based on the number of employees at the Tualatin location including part-time employees, full-time employees and the owner.  The rates are as follows:

    1-2 Employees: $55.00
    3-10 Employees: $60.00
    11-50 Employees: $120.00
    Over 50 Employees: $240.00

The License year is from January 1st to December 31st and is renewable annually.  Renewals will automatically be sent out, at the end of each year.  For a new business starting after July 1st, the fee is one half of the above amount and would then be renewable the following January.

Once the completed application and payment are received, the license goes to the Building and Planning departments for approval.  The license is usually processed and mailed within a two-week period.

A contractor or landscape contractor located in Tualatin must have a valid Tualatin business license.  However, the City of Tualatin recognizes the Metro License and if your business is not located in Tualatin and you have a valid Metro license, you are not required to obtain a City of Tualatin business license.

Starting a new business - Prior to obtaining a business license, please check the following:

Location - prior to buying or leasing space for your business or for a home business - contact the City of Tualatin (503.691.3026) to review allowed activities at the location.

Permit Process - If planning new construction or major improvements to an existing building, contact the Planning Division (503.691.3026) to start the review process.  If you are making any changes to existing location, the next step is to contact the Building Division (503.691.3044) to see if any permits are required.

Your business license will not be issued until all required permits have been issued and signed off.

For a home business, please review the Home Occupation Standards and, if there are any questions regarding the Ordinance, please contact the City of Tualatin Planning Department, 503.691.3026.




Visit our website at: 

When registering online, you will need your License Number and Web Registration Key which can be found on your City of Tualatin renewal notice.  The website only accepts Visa or MasterCard.

Please contact Cathy Hayes at 503.691.3058, with any questions or concerns.