Youth Sports Leagues


The City of Tualatin offers many fun, skill-building sports classes throughout the year and Tualatin's organized youth sports leagues provide kids opportunities to enjoy the many benefits of team athletics.

Tualatin Junior Baseball Organization
Junior Baseball of Oregon, Inc., is independent of any of the traditional nationwide baseball organizations, and governs eight separate "Districts" within Oregon. The J.B.O. organization generally plays by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) rules. There are several modifications at the various age group levels that impact rules governing length of base paths and the pitching distances. JBO is set up for players 9-16 years of age, with four distinct age groups, Midget, Junior, Senior and Cub. Within each age group (except Cub), there are also three distinct skill levels, National (recreational), American (more competitive), and Federal (very competitive). Most member leagues also have their own independent "T-Ball" programs for the younger kids.

Tualatin Lacrosse
Tualatin Lacrosse has teams for kids grades 1 through high school. The boys game is a contact sport, so boys wear protective pads, gloves, and helmets. The girls game focuses on finesse, with stick-to-stick contact only for older players, so girls require less protective equipment. See site for more details!

Tualatin Rugby
Tualatin Rugby Club is for both boys & girls of high school age. Rugby is a contact sport but the laws and game is identical regardless of gender. Rugby is a highly physical and challenging sport but it is built on a foundation of strict etiquette; players are required to be polite and respectful to both their referee and their opponent. Players are also required to visit and share time with their opponent at our mandatory after-match socials. The game of rugby empowers young adults by developing leadership, teamwork, strategy and high pressure decision making skills. Tualatin Rugby Club strives to make our sport accessible to anyone with the desire to play rugby “regardless on their financial ability to pay”; scholarship opportunities are available for our players.

Tualatin Soccer Club
Tualatin Soccer Club (TSC) is dedicated to providing an enjoyable youth soccer experience for ALL students. Our goal is to provide the best experiences, by providing good teaching through our coaches. Every child will develop his or her soccer skills at a different rate, and we want each child to learn the game so they can play at their best, whatever their level of play. From past experience, we know that the player who keeps trying to improve can surpass the star of today's team and become the star player of the future. Not every child will become a professional soccer player but we will give each an even opportunity to achieve any goals they set for themselves.

Tualatin Timberwolves Youth Football Association
The TTYFA is a member of the Tualatin Valley Youth Football League and was created to help our youth football families have an enjoyable experience every time they step onto the football field. These guiding principles establish the overall philosophy we try to maintain for our youth football program.

Tualatin Youth Baseball
Tualatin Youth Baseball offers playing opportunities to boys and girls ages 5-14. The "baseball age" of a player is generally determined by the player’s age on July 31st of the year of the baseball season. All of our players have the opportunity to advance to District and State tournaments with a chance to succeed at their playing level.

Tualatin Youth Basketball
TYBA will support all levels of play from beginning recreational to advanced competitive programs for both boys and girls. The development of basic fundamental basketball skills supported by quality coaching, teaching the highest principles of sportsmanship and fair play, and ensuring an overall positive experience for all participants is the guiding principle of the organization.

Tualatin Youth Softball Association
 TYSA provides girls with recreational and competitive softball (including T-ball) for all ages ranging from 5 to 18 years old. The mission of TYSA is to increase the number of girls playing recreational and competitive softball in Tualatin. TYSA offers players many advantages over other programs: smaller teams, playing with friends, and keeping uniforms to name a few.

Tualatin Adult Co-Ed Softball
Tualatin Adult Coed Softball League is intended for the Residents, Businesses, and Churches of Tualatin. The TACSL season runs 15 weeks (11 games, 3 Holidays) and starts the last weekend in April. The season caps off with the Tualatin Crawfish Festival Softball Tournament the first weekend in August.