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Staff Directory Listing

First Name Last Namesort icon Department or Division Position Phone Number
Patrol Patrol Officer
Police Services Unit Parking Enforcement Technician
Jerianne Thompson Library Division Library Manager 503-691-3063
Diane Alcibar Library Division Library Assistant 503-691-3074
Kathryn Alexander Library Division Cataloging Librarian 503-691-3067
Will Alloway Parks Maintenance Division Parks Technician II 503-572-0709
Denice Ambrosio Community Development Program Coordinator 503-691-3032
Jennifer Bach Maintenance Services Division Warehouse Inventory Coordinator 503-691-3097
Kent Barker Administration Chief of Police 503-691-4800
Nicholas Barkley Patrol Patrol Officer 503-783-0126
Nancy Beall Library Division Office Assistant II 503 691-3079
Tami Bergeron Administration Human Resources Specialist 503-691-8105
Corey Bingham Building Division Building Inspector/Plans Examiner (503)691-3042
Scott Boyll Patrol Patrol Officer 503-783-0142
Larry Braaksma Administration Support Services Captain 503-691-4851
Margie Bradley Library Division Library Volunteer Specialist 503 691-3070
Sean Brady Legal Services City Attorney 503-691-3015
Kay Brown Police Services Unit Police Services Supervisor 503-691-4812
Ben Bryant Economic Development Division Economic Development Manager 503-691-3049
Debra Bullard Administration HR Analyst 503-691-3022
Agatha Burke Police Services Unit Police Records Technician 503-691-4823
Frank Butler Information Services Network Administrator (503)691-3023
Alice Cannon, AICP Community Development Assistant City Manager 503-691-3018
Ernie Castro Water Division Backflow Inspector 503-691-3098
Seth Ceciliani Patrol TriMet Patrol Officer 503-783-0139
Jill Chapman Detective Unit Detective 503-691-4842
Kelly Chizum Police Services Unit Police Records Technician 503-691-4810
Larry Clow Patrol Patrol Sergeant - District 3 503-691-4853
Suzy Coleman Library Division Support Services Supervisor 503-691-3068
Nate Cooper Patrol Patrol Sergeant - Durham 503-691-4830
Colin Cortes, AICP, CNU-A Planning Division Assistant Planner 503-691-3024
Cortney Cox Municipal Court Court Administrator 503-691-3025
Mike Darby Engineering Division Engineering Technician II 503-691-3038
Tony Doran, EIT Engineering Division Engineering Associate 503-691-3035
John Dubuque Information Services Information Services Technician 503-691-3084
Shawn Fischer Patrol Patrol Officer 503-783-0118
Eric French Detective Unit Detective 503-691-4843
Clare Fuchs, AICP Planning Division Senior Planner 503-691-3027
Lauren Furnish Library Division Community Librarian 503-691-3077
Mark Gardner Administration Patrol Services Captain 503-691-4841
Wes Girardi School Resource Unit School Resource Officer 503-691-4833
Cindy Hahn, AICP Planning Division Associate Planner 503-691-3029
Lance Harris Information Services Information Services Manager 503-691-3086
Cathy Hayes Finance Receivables/Purchasing/Business License 503-691-3058
Paul Hennon Administration Division Community Services Director 503-691-3060
Paul Hennon Parks and Recreation Division Community Services Director 503-691-3060
Eric Hermann Patrol Patrol Officer 503-783-0125
Vi Hien Do Finance Payables 503-691-3055
Michele Hodney Finance Utility Clerk 503.691.3056
Brett Hoffman Maintenance Services Division Building Maintenance Technician 503-691-3094