Tualatin Tomorrow

The Tualatin Tomorrow Vision and Action Plan was originally adopted in 2007 following a two-year public engagement and planning campaign.

As part of its promise to maintain a “living” action plan, the Tualatin Tomorrow Advisory Committee (TTAC) completed a plan update in 2013. Through forums, online surveys, work groups and other outreach activities, more than 1,000 people shared their suggestions and priorities for Tualatin’s future. Four “theme teams” were convened to sort through ideas and develop a new round of actions to advance the community vision. In early 2014, the City Council adopted the updated Action Plan which provides a 100-action road map for tackling community goals in the following areas:

Fostering Shared Sense of Place and Community Identity
Creating Activities and Attractions for All Ages
Sustaining Quality Community Services
Enhancing Mobility
Promoting Environmental Sustainability
Ensuring Community Health and Safety
Creating Economic Opportunity
Advancing Education and Learning Opportunities

The TTAC continues to oversee and facilitate implementation progress by convening and coordinating with vision partners and provides periodic updates to the community through newsletters and an Annual Progress Report. The Vision Action Plan is available online or in hard copy by visiting Tualatin City Hall.