Public Alerts

The City of Tualatin, Oregon Official Website

During an emergency we know to call 9-1-1.  But now 9-1-1 can call you!

This tool is commonly referred to as "reverse 9-1-1" and local dispatchers, when initiated by Tualatin Police or any other emergency service provider, can alert your neighborhood or a specific region of an impending hazard. The system can be used during a police related emergency, chemical spill, wildfire, flood, or other situation that requires you to evacuate, shelter-in-place, or take other actions. Using an automated system, a taped recording with public safety instructions is provided to the landline phones of the affected homes or businesses.

Visit if you do not have a landline phone or want to be notified via other communication devices when your address is impacted. This website will allow you to register to receive messages to your cell phone, voice over internet (VoIP) phone, email, or text/SMS messaging.