Police Reserves

The Tualatin Police Department Reserve Unit is a team of volunteer officers who donate their time and effort to the city and the community in a variety of roles to assist the police department.

Reserves receive their initial training by attending a Reserve Officer Academy for a period of six months. These are regional academies and are taught using the expertise of members of several local police departments and sheriff's offices in a wide variety of areas.

Once they graduate from the Reserve Academy, Reserve Officers receive on-going training by attending regular department mandated training as well as Reserve Officer specific classes. Reserve Officers also receive specialized training in monthly meetings.

Tualatin Reserve Police Officers work with full-time regular officers and currently report to the Reserve Coordinator who is a Tualatin Police Patrol Division Sergeant. During the time spent with the full-time officers, Reserves are trained by the regular officers utilizing a slightly modified version of the Field Training and Evaluation Program, the same program used to train the Department's regular full-time officers.

As well as working standard patrol with full-time officers, Reserve Unit members also assist with community events such as the Crawfish Festival and other regional events. Reserve Officers provide invaluable assistance at major crime scenes and, in addition, they frequently provide service patrolling at high school sporting events.

The qualifications for becoming a Tualatin Police Reserve Officer are similar to those of regular full-time officers. Candidates must have graduated from high school or hold an equivalent certificate, possess a valid Oregon Driver's License or the ability to obtain one, and have no record of criminal conviction. In addition, candidates must pass an exhaustive background investigation, followed by a physical agility test, medical and psychological testing.

Individuals interested in applying for a position as a Tualatin Police Reserve Officer should complete the application below and/or contact the Tualatin Police Department by email or phone (503) 691-4800. Applications are open on a continuing basis for Reserve Officers.

The Tualatin Police Reserve Unit is dedicated to providing the highest level of professional service to the Department and community. Selfless commitments by the Reserve Officers to serving the needs of citizens has earned them respect, and is a source of great pride to all members of the Tualatin Police Department.