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Parent Aid

Parent Aid

Do you suspect that your son or daughter is using drugs? Now there is help.

What is Parent Aid?

Parent Aid is a new, simple and confidential urinalysis drug-testing program designed to help parents identify drug abuse problems in their kids before disaster strikes.

The centerpiece of the Parent Aid program is the InstaCup™ Multi-Drug Screen Test System offered by Martin Diagnostics International, Inc. This accurate test detects illegal drug use.

Parent Aid Features

Free: The Parent Aid test is free of charge to a parent of any child under 18 years of age.

Quick: Once a sample is taken, Parent Aid test results are usually ready in under 8 minutes.

Accurate: Rapid testing with the Parent Aid InstaCup™ is proven to be as accurate as laboratory screening tests. The test is performed in a confidential and convenient setting. In the event a parent questions the results of a test, a laboratory confirmation test is available at a reasonable cost.

Confidential: The testing is completely private, results are confidential and no personal information about the test is kept by the police department.

For additional information, please call (503) 691-4800 or stop by the Tualatin Police Department.