Oregon to commemorate AMBER Alert Awareness Day

Since the establishment of the nation’s AMBER Alert network 10 years ago, more than 595 children across the country have been found and safely recovered.

Since the start of Oregon’s AMBER Alert program, there have been 18 alerts that helped safely recover 20 children.

Sunday, Jan. 13 marks the seventh AMBER Alert Awareness Day to commemorate the achievements of the program.

In November 2002, the State of Oregon announced the implementation of a statewide Amber Alert plan, which is a voluntary partnership with between law enforcement agencies and local broadcasters to send emergency alerts to the public when a child has been abducted and is believed to be in danger.

Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber declared Jan. 13, 2013 Oregon AMBER Alert Awareness Day.

Oregon’s AMBER

Alert program was activated twice in 2012, both times leading to safe recovery of children.

AMBER, or America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response, was created after Amber Hagerman was brutally murdered when she was riding her bike 17 years ago in Arlington, TX. Since, all 50 states, territories and the District of Columbia have established AMBER Alert plans, creating the most significant child recovery network in the history of our country, according to Oregon State Police.

Oregon State Police is the designated law enforcement agency that local law enforcement agencies contact to initiate an AMBER Alert activation in Oregon.