Basketball Hoops

The City of Tualatin, Oregon Official Website

The proper location to place a portable basketball hoop is in the driveway, driveway apron or the planter strip of the property owner. Hoops should not be placed in the roadway unless actively being used. Broken, damaged and unusable hoops should be properly disposed of.

Other items to remember...

  • When the game is over remove the hoop from the street.
  • Stop playing at sunset.
  • Make sure you are visible to oncoming traffic.
  • Players must yield to vehicles.
  • Do not block the sidewalk. 
  • Do not leave the hoops in the street.
  • Do not visually block stop signs or other traffic control devices.
  • Ensure parked cars are far enough away to avoid damage to vehicles.
  • Be respectful of others personal property, don’t let the ball get out of control.

Review the Basketball Hoop code TMC 8-4.040.