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Water Service

At the June 23rd City Council meeting, the Council approved utility rates for water, sewer and storm drain services, effective July 1, 2014. 
Water rates are increasing $0.10 per 100 cubic ft. (CCF) and the monthly service charge is increasing $0.14 per month.  The average household uses 8 CCF per month.   Sewer rates are passed through from Clean Water Services and are increasing 3%, with a storm water rate increase to match the Clean Water Services rate also approved.  The average residential utility bill will be increasing $2.98 per month for these three services.  A flier regarding Clean Water Services rates was included in with the City’s monthly utility bills a couple months ago.  For more details on utility rates, go to

The City of Tualatin is proud to put Customer Service as our top priority. If you need assistance, we are here to help. Contact: Utility billing at 503-691-3056, or the main switchboard at (503) 692-2000.

The City of Tualatin supplies healthy drinking water of the highest quality to all residents who live within the city limits. The water source is not located within the City, it is provided from the City of Portland Water Bureau. Their primary source of water is the Bull Run watershed, a treated, unfiltered surface water source, located five miles west of Mt. Hood and approximately 26 miles east of downtown Portland, along with well fields as a supplemental source.