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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana dispensaries are coming to Oregon, and many cities across the state are discussing what this means for their communities. The Oregon Legislature passed House Bill (HB) 3460, which authorized the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) to establish rules and procedures to begin licensing and regulating medical marijuana dispensaries. A committee appointed by OHA has drafted rules for establishing a medical marijuana dispensary. The state began accepting applications for dispensary businesses on March 3, 2014. 

The City Council discussed this issue in December and directed staff to determine the options for prohibiting dispensaries temporarily in Tualatin to allow the City more time to collect public input and consider different policy options. On February 24, the Council adopted Ordinance No. 1368-14, as a temporary measure to prohibit medical marijuana facilities from locating in Tualatin until December 31, 2014. The intent of this ordinance was to allow the Council time to gather input from the community regarding where dispensaries should be located.    Over the coming months, there will be outreach efforts to gather public input on regulating medical marijuana dispensaries through land use or zoning regulations. 

If you have questions please email or call (503)691-3065.